Who we are

Windsor Baptist Church is an inclusive and creative Christian community at the heart of Windsor.  We are an active presence in this historic town and our church building is a community hub, with something going on every day of the week.

Christians have met on this site since 1838; today we are a friendly, open, diverse and progressive community.  We are made up of people who have personally experienced the difference Jesus makes to our lives and anyone else who wants to come alongside and share life with us for a time.

Our worship, ministry and activities are contemporary; our style is warm and informal.  We don’t judge or impose conditions on people.  We believe in life in all its fullness and love in all its expressions.

Church values

The church has four core values that help us express our Christian faith.

On our values page, you can read more about our values and how we build them into our church life.

Unsplash image by Jasmin Sessler

Untangled Cafe is a gentle, supportive space for people who would like the opportunity to think and talk together about how we can all develop emotional resilience in the face of various stresses and anxieties. Whilst this is not a group suitable for those in acute crisis, we hope that others will join our facilitators exploring together various strategies, as well as enjoying great coffee and conversation.

If you’d like to come along, please do email so we can tell you more about it.

We are delighted to announce that have registered as a Hong Kong-welcoming church.

Many people from Hong Kong have come to live in the UK to escape the restrictions on human rights and opportunities. The Baptist Union is liaising with Baptist churches - now including us - in welcoming and offering hospitality to Hong Kong migrants.