Jesus knew what it was like to live in a community, with all its challenges and opportunities. He had a really positive impact on his local community, expressing God’s love and hope, in words and actions, to those around him.

Community is at the heart of Christianity.

Here at Windsor Baptist Church, we are developing as a community hub – a place where love and hope is expressed to those around us in our community.

We are a church which aims to demonstrate faith in practical ways, serving local people, meeting needs and supporting wider initiatives. That is a key part of our focus and use of our resources, time and skills.

We have pioneered a number of local activities, especially to support those in need.

Our aim is to be a community hub, working with other churches and groups to support  local people. We are loving the fact that other community groups are engaging with us.

To see some of the initiatives run or supported by Windsor Baptist Church or hosted in our building, see our Faith in action page..