Jesus used stories and parables creatively to help people understand more about God.

We believe that God, our creator, has placed creativity within us, and we actively seek to use creative ways to worship, and express our faith.

In the church we have singers, songwriters, musicians, artists, poets and writers, who help us express our faith in different ways.

We worship creatively and learn using different styles and methods. Often these methods are participative, and include discussion, drama, and quizzes.

We are committed to a journey of learning about our faith and recognise that Sunday meetings aren’t the only place to discuss things.  So we offer other spaces during the week for people with differing views to explore aspects of our faith and how it expresses itself in daily life. In addition there is an opportunity to join Soul Stillness, a quiet meditative prayer group.

We also regularly run events to support and involve creative people in the local community.