Jesus knew what it was like to live in a community, with all its challenges and opportunities. He had a really positive impact on his local community, expressing God’s love and hope, in words and actions, to those around him.

Community is at the heart of Christianity.

Here at Windsor Baptist Church, we are developing as a community hub – a place where love and hope is expressed to those around us in our community.

We are a church which aims to demonstrate faith in practical ways, serving local people, meeting needs and supporting wider initiatives. That is a key part of our focus and use of our resources, time and skills.

We have pioneered a number of local activities, especially to support those in need.

Our aim is to be a community hub, working with other churches and groups to support  local people. We are loving the fact that other community groups are engaging with us.

To see some of the initiatives run or supported by Windsor Baptist Church or hosted in our building, see our Faith in action page..


Jesus experienced loving relationships growing up within his family. Within that loving environment he flourished and grew.

We see our church as a family, where people of all ages are valued, included and loved just as they are; and where all have their own unique gifts to offer, and contribution to make. We journey together, helping each other to grow and flourish, and supporting each other through life’s ups and downs.

As a church, we offer a caring and inclusive environment for all who wish to join in the life of our congregation. All are welcome to join our church family, and we love the fact that all ages are represented.

We are "family friendly" and make every effort to involve children and young people and to support and encourage them in their faith.

We have an excellent team of young people’s leaders who make the sessions fun, interactive and educational. The safety and wellbeing of children in the church is the highest priority and we follow robust safeguarding practices.


Jesus used stories and parables creatively to help people understand more about God.

We believe that God, our creator, has placed creativity within us, and we actively seek to use creative ways to worship, and express our faith.

In the church we have singers, songwriters, musicians, artists, poets and writers, who help us express our faith in different ways.

We worship creatively and learn using different styles and methods. Often these methods are participative, and include discussion, drama, and quizzes.

We are committed to a journey of learning about our faith and recognise that Sunday meetings aren’t the only place to discuss things.  So we offer other spaces during the week for people with differing views to explore aspects of our faith and how it expresses itself in daily life. In addition there is an opportunity to join Soul Stillness, a quiet meditative prayer group.

We also regularly run events to support and involve creative people in the local community.


Jesus never excluded anyone. In fact, he chose to spend time with people who were on the margins of society and excluded by others. People who felt they didn’t belong.

As a church, we promote inclusivity, welcome diversity and respect different views. Everyone is welcome to worship with us or take part in our activities.

We come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, countries, and traditions, and we have a wide range of theological and progressive views.

We see ourselves as travellers on a journey of faith, who do not have to agree on all aspects of Christian belief, but who are all learning. We promote an atmosphere of acceptance and humility as we learn about Christ.  We seek out and celebrate the things that unite us, and respect each other’s different viewpoints.

We also run events where people can be involved and benefit from being part of our community who wouldn't normally come to church.